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We Have Found the Worst Blog Job in America

Blogging your boss's Fox News appearances is about as low as you can get.

Ben Domenech on Fox News
Ben Domenech on Fox News
Fox News

I have written a lot of bad blogs in my life. Some I am not entirely proud of, although none, I think, are blogs that I am actively ashamed to have my name attached to. Many were a product of the environment in which they were produced, or the standards that they were held to at the time, which have varied a lot in the long and stupid arc of my career in media. But this is a depth I have never been to, not even in my days of breathlessly transcribing whatever stupid thing Elon Musk had last farted out.

Please, look:

The content and the tweet of the blog itself is funny enough. It is, as many people have pointed out, a blowjob joke, which is always a funny bit of irony when it’s coming from someone whose entire public persona revolves around a homophobic and one-dimensional concept of manhood.

But what I want to call into question is the circumstances in which it was produced, because I think they may be one of the darkest pits a blogger can sink to. You must understand the context here: this is a blog on the Federalist, a neo-conservative spit-take factory that largely runs on publishing the most absurd right-wing hot takes possible and dressing up aggregated Breitbart content for the Facebook Algorithm. Ben Domenech, the main character who is being quoted in the above blog about kneeling to pray about book burning, is the founder of the Federalist (and also Meghan McCain’s husband). So what you have here is a staff writer being forced (choosing?) to aggregate her own boss’s Fox News appearance for said boss’s website. I am not going to name and shame the author personally here, as despite her Twitter feed of wall-to-wall posts about critical race theory and Federalist retweets, perhaps she is blogging under duress. As we well know, there is a long history of bright young conservatives working for horrid propaganda rags eventually making their way to mainstream publications, and who am I to judge someone’s hustle.

Still, you gotta admit: lol, man. That’s a rough gig. It’s tough being a frontline soldier in the culture wars, but somebody’s gotta do it.