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Samantha Grasso

Writer and graphics at Discourse Blog. Also, Texan.

Send Us Your IRS Horror Stories

We want to hear from you (and we'll keep you anonymous).

I Am This Close to Losing It over ‘Ocean Galaxy Lights’

The last corner of Twitter I thought I could trust, consumed by some corny night lights.

As American As Apple Pie

The alleged medical malpractice in ICE facilities is part of a long and shameful history.

A Very Detailed Blog About the Politics Of Fall Out Boy

Please watch your step — we'll be descending into a rabbit hole.

Look Up

Why a billboard about a police killing stopped me short.

I’m Tired of This Already

The Kamala Harris conversation is exhausting and infuriating in every direction.

I Know What I Googled This Summer

What have I been up to? Let my search history lead the way!

The Post Office Is For Everybody

Trump is murdering one of our best things.

Discourses With: Two Chicago Tenants’ Rights Organizers

"With all the evictions that are coming forth, landlords will just do whatever they want to."

The Worst Is Yet to Come

A mass pandemic in a violent country is a chilling combination.

Caught in the Ripple

What the pandemic did to my father.

Send Us Your Stories of Police Violence at Protests

If you were a victim of police brutality while protesting over the past few months, we want to hear about it.

Please, Fuck Off: Edward Blum

The devil works hard but this guy works harder.

Lambs to the Slaughter

The death cult comes for the kids, and their teachers.


Allyship Unhinged

Ziwe's interviews show what happens when white people try to perform anti-racism without politics.

Saying Goodbye to My Therapy Fears

Therapy has saved me, and I'm done feeling ashamed about it.

‘Terrace House’ Is Falling Down

The biggest lie we ever told ourselves about the Japanese reality show was that it wasn't like all the other ones.

Vote and Die

I voted in Texas during the pandemic and still feel like shit.

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