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Rafi Schwartz

Writer. Malcontent. I’ll have the soup.

Office Hours: Mountains and Molehills

🎶 Ain't no mountain dumb enough 🎶

This Is Not the End

Trump is only going to get louder, angrier, and stupider out of office.

Man, What the Hell? What the HELL???? Edition

Plus geese, germs, and some very sensitive cops.

Office Hours: Vibe Check

Just checking in.

Man, What The Hell? Decisions Decisions Edition

Plus rats, monkeys, and kissin' cousins.

Congrats to This Piece of Shit

You don't get points for being one of the better fascists.

Office Hours: Treat Yourself

You can have a little pre-election salami, as a treat.

Man, What the Hell? Pitter Patter, Let’s Get At’er Edition

Plus raccoons, radiation, and the return of the Murder Hornets!

Office Hours: Boob Toob

All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom, and a poom-poom — just block your cam.

Man, What The Hell? I’m Tired Edition

Plus Yodels, Zambonis, and a very happy birthday to the wrong Trump.

Office Hours

Well, what do you think?

Man, What The Hell? Burn After Reading Edition

Plus pigs, punks, and property!

Office Hours

You Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Gotta Hand It to Him

The pundits and politicians are fanning out to wish Trump well. No!

Man, What the Hell? Everything’s FINE Edition

Plus subversive sausages, un-bread, and some truly bad tweets

Office Hours

Man, What The Hell? Good Grief Edition

Plus condoms, candy, and cow manure.

Office Hours

Man, What the Hell? What a Year This Week has Been Edition

Plus eggs, art, and Dershwatch 2020!

Office Hours

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