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Jack Mirkinson

Editor of Discourse Blog.

(Banging Head Violently Against the Wall) Dianne Feinstein…WHY!!

What will it take for this person to stop saying the exact wrong things?

Dianne Feinstein speaks at a Senate hearing

Pour One Out for Bill Gates and Pfizer

The announcement that the U.S. supports a waiver on COVID vaccine patents has hit these beloved pillars of society hard.

Fuck Bosses
Bill Gates on '60 Minutes'

Nobody Needs to Hear From Nate Silver on This

You do not need to say everything that comes to your mind!

Bad Online
Nate Silver appearing on ABC News

The CIA’s Woke Video Is the Definition of Evil

The mind-blowing video shows the agency has the same goal it always did: destroying popular movements.

A screenshot of the woman in the CIA's controversial new video

Shocker: Hillary Clinton Wants a Pointless War to Continue

Warmongers gonna warmonger!

Hillary Clinton speaking at the 2020 DNC

Joe Biden Has Blood on His Hands

By being so slow to act on global vaccine distribution, Biden is letting people die.

Joe Biden gives his first joint address to Congress at the Capitol building.

Send Tony Blair’s Hair to the Hague

Along with the rest of him.

Bad Online
tony blair

Stop Asking James Carville Things

His latest moronic comments are the millionth reminder that we do not need him!

James Carville at Politicon in 2016.

Does CNN Care That One of Its Pundits Is Pro-Genocide

Is the network at all embarrassed to have Rick Santorum on its roster?

Cable News
Rick Santorum giving a speech at the Young America's Foundation

The Oscars Were Pretty Sad

Never have the movies felt more distant than they did last night.

Discourse Movie Club
Regina King presents an award at the 2021 Oscars

No, Seriously, Stephen Breyer Needs to Retire

Today's horrifying Supreme Court ruling shows us why.

Stephen Breyer gives a speech at Harvard Law School

The Obscenity of Nancy Pelosi’s George Floyd Comments

Her attempts to turn George Floyd into a willing martyr for America were symbolic of a destructive kind of liberalism.

Nancy Pelosi speaks about George Floyd's death.

Can Our Cable News Idiots Maybe Stop Talking Forever

Hours of nothing would have been better than this Derek Chauvin coverage.

Brian Williams and Tucker Carlson

I Am Begging You to Stop Being Nice to George W. Bush on Television

I'm going to have an aneurysm.

George W. Bush being interviewed on the Today show

Andrew Sullivan Is Doing Jew Shit Again

You can practically feel the calipers.

Bad Online
Andrew Sullivan

Cool, We’re Getting a Fascist Freak Caucus

God, these weirdo idiots.

Fever Swamp
Marjorie Taylor Greene talks about some shit, who cares

Cop News Network

CNN turned its coverage of Adam Toledo's killing almost entirely over to police sources.

Cable News
CNN's Chris Cuomo talks to the head of the Chicago police union about Adam Toledo's killing

A Supremely Fucked Up Policy From Joe Biden

Come on man.

White House

Let Me Help CNN Out Here: We Lost the War in Afghanistan

This is not a tough question to answer.

Jim Sciutto discusses the war in Afghanistan

Here’s a Delightful Video of Andrew Yang Being Shamed Out of a Daunte Wright Protest

'We don't want you here!'

Andrew Yang on his bike being heckled out of a Daunte Wright protest by people pointing out that he is pro-cop
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