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Jack Mirkinson

Editor of Discourse Blog.

Pour One Out for the CIA

America's intelligence agencies are having a rough time. Thank god for Joe Biden!

You Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me


Turning the Page

Welcome to the all-new Discourse Blog.

What a Time to Be Alive!!!

Let's bask in the entertainment value of what is happening right now.



Trump has COVID. I guess we're doing this!


What Did You Expect?

Pundits are deeply shocked that the presidential debate was so awful. Where have they been?


What Are People Supposed to Do?

Why should they play by rules that the powerful continually ignore?

Power Is All That Matters

The GOP gets that. Democrats have other ideas.

After Ginsburg

Some notes on our current hell.


This Is Just How Things Are Now

Year after year, part of the world burns down, and that is how it goes.

What Is Paul Krugman Talking About???

People have got to stop lying to themselves like this.

What ‘Law and Order’ Really Means

The message is coming from all sides: it's time to bring Black people into line.

The Decency Trap

Framing indecency as uniquely Trumpian carries major political risks.

DNC Night 3: Rhetoric vs. Reality

There is a nasty gap between what the party says and what it does.

DNC Night 1: Good Cop Good Cop

Democrats spent the first night of their convention papering over their participation in the police state.

The System Is Back

The message is clear: The adults have returned. They'll take it from here. So shut the hell up.

I Can’t Stop Thinking About the Bat That Did This

One microscopic speck of a virus, and here we are. Think about that!

How Is It August Already

Can you believe we ever thought we’d be even partially out of this thing by now?

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