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Jack Crosbie

Writer. “Cros” if you’re friendly.

The Winner is SNL, the Loser is All of Us

Biden-Harris promises a return to the Golden Age of political satire. Which sucked.

What Happens If Biden Wins?

His strategy of total invisibility becomes useless the day after the election.

Please, Fuck Off: Nick Kristof

The Times' resident white savior has his heart in the right place. But his work falls short over and over again.


Discourses With: A Democrat Running for Office in Rural Alaska

A lifelong Alaskan explains what local politics looks like way, way north of the lower 48.

The Comfort of Fantasy

Alternate realities do very little to change our actual world.

The Feds Aren’t That Good at Keeping Their Cops a Secret

Why conceal anything when the law won't do anything to stop you?

Please, Fuck Off: VC Startup Guys

The brightest minds in cutting-edge business are some of the dumbest motherfuckers out there.

Business As Usual

We now return to our regularly scheduled police brutality.

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Please, Fuck Off: Journalism’s Slush Fund Parasites

In the first edition of Discourse Blog's 'Please, Fuck Off' series, let's talk about the media's useless 'thinkfluence' industry.

Ben Smith Doesn’t Want to Pick a Side

Discourses with the New York Times media columnist.

The Violence Economy

The only victors are the ones who get the spoils.

The Blood on New York’s Hands

It's time to admit our city and its leaders helped cause this catastrophe.


Don’t Trust John Roberts

Two recent Supreme Court decisions have gone in favor of progress. Don't count on it lasting.


All We Want Is a Space to Live

Seattle's autonomous zone shows us what truly public spaces could be.

Discourses With: Two Street Medics on the Front Lines

Mervyn and "Beartrap" play an integral role in keeping protesters safe when traditional medics can't get close.

What Looting Really Is

It's what happens in a system dominated by violence.

I Don’t Care About Donald Trump’s Twitter Anymore

His account will never be deleted. Pretending otherwise is a waste of time.

The Tragic Farce of Another Media ‘Restructuring’

"They come in and say, ‘We love what you do, now do it this way.'"

They Can’t Even Fire Us Right

You'd think after doing something a couple thousand times the bosses would have the process down.

Discourses: A New York Public Defender Working to #FreeThemAll

America's jails have sky-high COVID-19 infection rates and ICE is still rounding up and detaining immigrants. Here's how to help.

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