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Cool, We’re Getting a Fascist Freak Caucus

God, these weirdo idiots.

Marjorie Taylor Greene talks about some shit, who cares
CBN News

Exciting news, everyone: we’re getting a fun new club in Congress!

It’s always good when they barely even try to use code. “Anglo-Saxon” is kind of saying the loud part at scream level.

Now, it’s not surprising that the rabidly anti-Muslim/anti-Jewish space laser maniac Marjorie Taylor Greene is heading up an openly fascist group. But can we just talk for a second about how weird these people are? Like, what’s with the architecture shit?


Marjorie Taylor Greene Isn’t Going Away

Seriously, they’re obsessed with it. This is from the America First Caucus’, uh, policy platform [?] which was obtained by Punchbowl News:

I can’t wait for our glorious future where Marjorie Taylor Greene stands in front of a building screaming about how it doesn’t look enough like the Pantheon (though let’s be real, they’re probably thinking more about something like this). We’re heading towards Louie Gohmert ranting about how a bridge in Maine is a little too cosmopolitan for his taste, if you know what I mean.

Also, as Aleks and Rafi pointed out:

There’s no need to go through the rest of the “platform.” You know who these people are. Freaks! All of them, freaks from beginning to end. (The fascists, I mean, not Aleks and Rafi.)