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Andrew Sullivan Is Doing Jew Shit Again

You can practically feel the calipers.

Bad Online
Andrew Sullivan

Talking Biden, War, and the Blob With Derek Davison

Today in What Now: Biden's foreign policy, three months in.

Joe Biden discussing his withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

Cool, We’re Getting a Fascist Freak Caucus

God, these weirdo idiots.

Fever Swamp
Marjorie Taylor Greene talks about some shit, who cares

Meet the RNC-Linked Law Firm Behind Duke’s Anti-Union Crusade

The long, sordid history of Ogletree Deakins.


Cop News Network

CNN turned its coverage of Adam Toledo's killing almost entirely over to police sources.

Cable News
CNN's Chris Cuomo talks to the head of the Chicago police union about Adam Toledo's killing

A Supremely Fucked Up Policy From Joe Biden

Come on man.

White House

If This Is What Fighting Asian Hate Means, I Don’t Want It

Daunte Wright's death is a reminder that we can't expect policing and surveillance to keep any of us safe.

Footage of an NYPD officer entering an Asian business as part of an initiative to increase patrols of Asian neighborhoods.

God Bless the ‘Soup for My Family’ Protester

Donald Trump's worst nightmare has been realized.


Let Me Help CNN Out Here: We Lost the War in Afghanistan

This is not a tough question to answer.

Jim Sciutto discusses the war in Afghanistan

It’s Been a Big Day for Men Posting Their Ls

Choose your loser of the day fighter: Thomas Friedman, Tucker Carlson, or J.D. Vance.

tucker carlson fox news

Here’s a Delightful Video of Andrew Yang Being Shamed Out of a Daunte Wright Protest

'We don't want you here!'

Andrew Yang on his bike being heckled out of a Daunte Wright protest by people pointing out that he is pro-cop

Soul Music

What have you been listening to lately?

Office Hours

John Boehner Is Openly Scamming Everyone

Maybe the media can be a little more embarrassed about being grifted so hard?

Fever Swamp
John Boehner speaks about his new book on CBS News

You Can’t Reform This

Daunte Wright's killing shows that true justice will only come from abolition.

Minnesota state troopers holding clubs, lined up as a wall of police in Brooklyn Center amid a second night of protests against Daunte Wright's murder

The Enraging Police Defense of Daunte Wright’s Killing

You can only be satisfied with this excuse if you take several awful things for granted.

Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon speaks about Daunte Wright killing

Talking to Comedian and Tax Justice Activist Maura Quint

Chatting about trivia, the Tax March and why the right sucks at comedy.


Bessemer Was Not the Beginning or the End

It was a bitter disappointment, but it's not over.

A pro-Bessemer union march in Philadelphia.


This is not how you should be reporting the Amazon union defeat, come on!

A pro-Amazon Union sign

Biden’s Gun Policy Is Only Half Cocked

Everything Biden put forward on Thursday is about as non-controversial as gun control legislation can get.

Joe Biden talks about gun control regulations

Goodbye to This Very Old Racist Man

RIP (racist in peace) Prince Philip.

Prince Philip on his last royal engagement. He has died at 99
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