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The Worst Politicians In Texas

Our 50-state tour kicks off with a look at some of the biggest pieces of garbage in the Lone Star state.

Worst Politicians In America
A graphic of the state of Texas filled with flames in the foreground, with photos of these politicians in the background in grey and white: Allen West, Briscoe Cain, Dade Phelan, Jeff Leach, Ken and Angela Paxton, Kyle Biedermann, Matt Mackowiak, Matt Schaefer, Paul Bettencourt and Sid Miller

Duke University Press Workers Are Unionizing—And Gearing Up for a Fight

It's still unclear how the notoriously anti-union school will respond.

Duke Chapel, early spring

Time to Talk Terror Toons

Let's relive some animated childhood traumas!

Office Hours

Kyrsten Sinema’s New Filibuster Defense Is Pathetic Even for Her

This is just laughable.

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

Editor of Famously Racist Magazine Has Some Thoughts on Racism

Who better to judge whether something passes the Jim Crow test than someone whose magazine played a vital role in sustaining Jim Crow to begin with?

Rich Lowry on PBS' 'Firing Line'

Let Us All Stare Into the Endless Void That Is ‘Gutfeld!’

Hell is empty and not even the demons will write for this cursed show.

Cable News

One of Twitter’s Worst People Has a George Floyd Take

The badness on display here is almost too vast to comprehend.

Bad Online
A lawyer at the Derek Chauvin trial

Talking to Will Menaker About the Left, Our COVID Future, and ‘Friday Night Lights’

Today in our 'What Now' newsletter.

will menaker

What the Hell Did I Just Watch

Colin Jost on 'Drag Race'...why?

Colin Jost jumping into frame during Scarlett Johansson's appearance of 'Ru Paul's Drag Race,' with Gottmik, Olivia Lux, Symone and Rosé laughing at his cameo

This Week In ‘What Now’: Josh Gondelman, Idiots, and BEES

All that and more in our subscriber-only newsletter!


There Is Power Hitting in a Union

How baseball players could play a key role in fighting Georgia's voting rights catastrophe. (UPDATE: Results!)


This Matt Gaetz Guy Seems Like a Real Piece of Trash

He always seemed like such a great guy, but I guess not???

Fever Swamp
Matt Gaetz

The New Republic Makes an Uneasy Peace With Staff Over D.C. Move

Staffers say they're still worried about the magazine's future.

Incoming TNR editor Michael Tomasky.

This Is Beneath You Paddington

You don't have to do shabby April Fools content!

Bad Online
Paddington Bear eats marmalade!

We’ve Been Sleeping on Naomi Wolf’s COVID Insanity

She's dropping some of the most unhinged nonsense in the game.

Naomi Wolf goes on Fox News to talk about COVID vaccines

What If We Didn’t Do the Henry Kissinger Thing Every Time?

What if we all just pretended that Kissinger wasn't here anymore?

The Discourse

The Biden Dogs are Bad Boys

Sorry, but the truth demands to be heard.

Champ Biden, a bad boy.

The Matt Gaetz-Tucker Carlson Video Will Turn Your Brain to Mush

There has never been anything this weird and stupid before.

Cable News
matt gaetz tucker carlson

Office Hours: Open Swim

It's Office Hours, and this week it's all yours.

Office Hours

Here Are Some Things I’ve Learned About Giraffes

I have arrived at a stunning conclusion: giraffes are awesome.