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Meet the Leftist Trying to Unseat a Conservative Southern Democratic Congressman

An interview with Odessa Kelly, who could be Nashville's next representative.

Odessa Kelly

The Fraudulent Martyrdom of Liz Cheney

This is not a hero.

Liz Cheney speaking after her removal from Republican Party leadership

The White House’s Israel Response Could Hardly Be More Pathetic

The Biden administration can barely be bothered with an escalating human rights crisis.

White House
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki speaking about the Israel-Palestine conflict

Let Us Consider the Possibility that Vanessa Trump Slept With a Secret Service Agent

Let us just consider it!


We’re Experiencing Issues With Our Paywall!

We are taking down the paywall until we can resolve this problem.

A pattern of the Discourse Blog logo with the bird icon

Let’s Meet Some of Andrew Yang’s Cool New Friends!

America's worst people are loving his latest comments about Israel.


Biden’s Ready to Make Surviving In America Harder Again

There was a fun announcement today.

Joe Biden speaks about unemployment benefits at the White House

Delia Cai on Substack, Sidechannel, and the Media Revolution

All that and more in our What Now newsletter.


For the Love of God Stop Calling It ‘Clashes’

News outlets can't stop describing Israeli attacks on Palestinians as 'clashes,' despite all available evidence.

Israeli police attack Palestinians in East Jerusalem

How Cori Bush Exposed the Endless Cruelty of Transphobes

Rep. Cori Bush shared her encounters with medical racism, and enraged a swath of transphobes in the process.

Cori Bush testifies about Black maternal mortality before the Committee on Oversight and Reform

Welcome to the Summer of Sick

I rejoined the world and immediately got a horrible cold. Welcome back!

The Discourse

The Bosses are Getting Absolutely Psychotic

Threatening workers, demanding that poor people stay poor—they're playing all the hits right now.

Fuck Bosses

(Banging Head Violently Against the Wall) Dianne Feinstein…WHY!!

What will it take for this person to stop saying the exact wrong things?

Dianne Feinstein speaks at a Senate hearing

What’s Mark Warner’s Deal?

We should be paying more attention to how much this guy sucks.


Pour One Out for Bill Gates and Pfizer

The announcement that the U.S. supports a waiver on COVID vaccine patents has hit these beloved pillars of society hard.

Fuck Bosses
Bill Gates on '60 Minutes'

Pandemic Life: My Husband Is Still Really Into Miniatures

Tony might have the one pandemic hobby that stuck.


The Worst Politicians In New Jersey

We're going deep, deep, deep into the swamps of the Garden State today.

Worst Politicians In America
Photos of the worst politicians in New Jersey, behind an illustration of the state on fire

[Sickos Watching Republicans Destroying Each Other] ‘Yes… Ha Ha Ha… YES!’

The feud between Kevin McCarthy and Liz Cheney is threatening to bring the GOP down around them. Great!

Fever Swamp
Kevin McCarthy and Liz Cheney speaking at a press conference

Nobody Needs to Hear From Nate Silver on This

You do not need to say everything that comes to your mind!

Bad Online
Nate Silver appearing on ABC News

‘I Desperately Wish That We Could Move Beyond Words’

Today in What Now: Katelyn Burns on fighting the anti-trans movement.