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Am I the Only One Losing My Entire Mind Right Now

"WHY WON'T THEY CALL IT???" I scream.


A question for the room: is this situation totally crazy-making or is it just me?

I am sitting here going “AHHHHH CALL IT AHHHHHHHH” every 30 minutes, asking Rafi if it’s OK to leave the house as if he would even know, and then going “AHHHH CALL IT AHHHHHH” again. I even broke down and started watching cable news, just to have something to do. Except now cable news is just explaining why they can’t call it!

We know what’s gonna happen…right??? We’re just waiting for…something to fall into place. And I do not want to denigrate the people counting ballots who are just doing their job in a diligent fashion under huge pressure, but I can’t help but sense my brain gradually slipping out of my skull and falling onto the floor in a puddle because WHERE IS THE CALL???

“But wait aren’t you an independent website that can just say ‘it’s over?'” you might ask. And yeah, I guess so, but I don’t have a Decision Desk in my house, just a regular desk, and what if (ughhhhh) the BAD thing happens and the Discourse Blog Decision Desk said the BAD thing wasn’t going to happen based off the vibes in the air when we knew we weren’t a real Decision Desk, just a lot of regular desks? How could we come back from that in 2024?

So instead we will just watch this slowly consume our lives until all we have is the wait for the call and the further wait for the call and the latest batch of votes that makes us wait for the call even more. This is our world now.